Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for little dogs?

The techniques in this program work for dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds. You will learn the techniques I have taught for over 20 years. These are techniques used to train dogs as small as 4lbs and as big as 150lbs.

Will this work for older dogs?

The saying, “You can’t teach and old dog new tricks,” is an old wives tale. Your dog can learn the recall command at just about any age. I have worked with dogs as old as 12. You still have to take the dog’s age into account, but an old or older dog can easily learn the recall command.

What type of training methods do you use?

Teaching the recall command is about about being positive and fun. The recall command really is a game for your dog. The training is accomplished by rewarding your dog for coming when called and more importantly, “Setting your dog up for success.”

Am I going to always need to have treats on me?

Nope. Plain and simple, you will need rewards to train, but there are many different types of rewards. The Ultimate Online Recall Course shows you what type of rewards to use and when.

Will this work with different breeds?

Training your dog to come when called is achieved by following a certain number of steps. Done correctly, it will work with any breed of dog. Working in a shelter for many years, I have seen my recall methods and system work with every type of breed and mixed breed you can imagine.

What age can I start teaching the recall command?

A puppy as young as 8 weeks old can and SHOULD learn how to do the recall command. By starting the training at this age, it will strongly imprint the command and as an adult dog, your dog will have a much better recall than a dog that starts later in life.

My dog gets distracted easily, will this work?

The course is broken up into three sections – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. In the Intermediate and Advanced sections, you’ll learn the techniques to work on to get your dog to come when called, even when distracted.

Will this work with an adopted dog from a shelter?

I worked in different shelters throughout the years and have used the techniques in the Ultimate Online Recall Course to help train hundreds of shelter dogs.