Are You Afraid To Let Your Dog Off Leash?

If your dog does not come back when called and gets off-leash, it can be terrifying.


…if your dog knows the recall command, all you have to do is call your dog back to you.

There’s no doubt about it. The RECALL (come when called) COMMAND is the most important command you can teach your dog.

Frankly, teaching your dog to come when called, even in distracting situations, is not as difficult as it may seem.

This is why I am pulling out all the stops in my newest course:

The Ultimate Online Recall Course

This teaches my EXACT system for getting your dog to come back when called, EVERY time. It starts with the basics and works up to advanced training, including how to get your dog to come in distracting situations.

“Ultimate Online Recall Course”

Videos show you everything, step-by-step, so your dog will respond to your “Come” command.

Some of the tips in this course include:

  • A “Stealth” way to get your dog to come back when you call. (This little-known technique will “Fast Track” all of your recall training).
  • Exactly how long each training session should be. (Most dogs ignore their owners’ commands to come when called because of this one HUGE mistake. Learn when you should END each session so your dog rockets toward you each time you say the command, “COME.”)
  • What German Dog Trainers know about teaching the come command that most other trainers don’t. (And how to use this secret to get maximum training results.)
  • The little-known scientific (and 100% accurate) way to teach your dog to come when called without force or harsh methods. (It’s amazing how many dog trainers get confused and don’t teach this.)
  • Exactly what to do in your first training session that can 1.) Bond your dog to you right away 2.) Develop trust between you and your dog 3.) Get your dog to respond every time they hear their name.
  • The #1 easiest way to deal with distractions. (Discover how to easily get your dog to respond to your commands when there are other dogs, squirrels and distractions.)
  • The secret reason why your dog does not respond to your recall command. (And how to overcome this problem using a common backyard product.)
  • Why it’s a big mistake to call your dog from the stay command. (Most dog trainers teach the come command from a stay and this can destroy your training efforts. Here’s what to do instead.)
  • 31 ways to improve your dog’s recall (come when called) command. (Do this right and your dog will race back to you when you give the command, “Come.”)
  • How to do daily training sessions with your dog even if you hate it and find it extremely hard. (Most people do not enjoy the process of training their dog. Here’s a simple way to make training easy and fun!)
  • The one thing you have to know about using rewards. (Using rewards the right way can be extremely effective, done the wrong way and your training can self destruct.)
  • A simple “test” you should do with your dog before you start teaching your dog to come when called. (And why this test could determine your training success or failure.)

And a whole lot more including…

How to get the most out of every training session by playing simple and fun games with your dog… A simple dog training “trick” (taught to me by a veterinarian) for getting your dog back on leash without any hassles… The one type of collar to use for advanced training (HINT: It’s NOT an electronic shock collar)… Why Grandmothers are excellent dog trainers… and… a complete, step-by-step Training Plan to chart your progress.

I cannot promise any specific results.

But, the special training plan shows you exactly what to teach your dog for the next 30 days to get the best possible results.

I tell you exactly what to do on which days.

And, I even give you a breakdown of how and why each technique works.

Short of training your dog FOR you…

I Cannot Possibly Make It Easier For You
To Teach Your Dog To Come When Called

But hang on… we’re still not done.

The Ultimate Online Recall Course is just ONE part of what you get.

When you register today you also get:


“Personal Access To Me”

Nobody gets this kind of access outside of Inner Circle Members, but you will when you order the Ultimate Online Recall Course. I’ve enabled a special questions section after each lesson. I check in regularly and respond personally.


“10 Secrets To A Reliable Recall Report”

This 22 page report is loaded with extra, little-known recall training secrets.


Anyway, here’s the deal.

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